The Global Interfaith University (GIU) is a non-profit, accredited distance learning university, driven by a compelling vision of providing high-quality education to individuals and communities around the world, who may find it difficult to afford the cost of traditional campus-based university education. Our core values include honesty, diversity, innovation, compassion, reliability, optimism, respect, perseverance and commitment. Global Interfaith University is incorporated in Delaware, USA and London, United Kingdom.

Our mission is to develop confident, responsible and well mannered students who aspire to achieve their full potentials. We do this by providing a diverse, secured, fun and supportive learning environment in which everyone is equal and all achievements are celebrated.

Global Interfaith University offers award-winning educational programs that actively shape the relations between people from different religions, faiths and spiritual backgrounds and traditions around the world. We provide flexible learning options for all types of passionate learners. Our award-winning online and distant learning programs include real time instructions and hands-on resources to ensure each student is being challenged and supported throughout their courses. When you choose Global Interfaith University, what you get is world-class education rooted in international experience.

What we do at GIU

At Global Interfaith University (GIU), we offer a broad range of distance and online learning programs. Each of our programs is designed to take the learners to the next level of their careers and life experiences. Our Degrees and Professional Development Programs are carefully designed by experts, to help learners develop rewarding and fulfilling careers and dreams.

GIU Philosophy

At Global Interfaith University, we acknowledge that Religion, Faith, Spirituality and Science are not enemies, but symbiotic disciplines. Our faculty works with our students to explore how this inter-sectionality and symbiosis from the deposits of wisdom in religion, faith, spirituality and science, can collectively contribute to human development.