GIU Academic Programs

Global Interfaith University (GIU) offers interesting choices for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Our University faculty offers students great learning services and support to enable them succeed in their learning, research and practice beyond the university. Our academic programs provide students with the insights into the world's religions, that have influenced human behaviour, including the world's history, literature, politics and environment. Our students have unrestricted access to our study materials and also learn through lectures, observations and videos. 

All of our Doctorate, Masters and Baccalaureate Degrees Curricula have been evaluated by California University FCE (CUFCE) - the professional Evaluator of US State-Approved Universities and our University has passed all the minimum academic requirements. The official Certificate of Recognition was presented on the 7th Day of February, 2021 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. California University FCE (CUFCE) is commissioned to evaluate the curricula of state approved Colleges and Universities that apply for Regional and National Accreditation. 


1. Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

2. PhD in Organizational Leadership

3. PhD in Comparative Religions

4. PhD in Religion and Peace Studies


1. BA in Religion and Peace Studies

2. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Social Work

3. Bachelor of Arts in Interfaith Education


1. MA in Religion & Peace Studies

2. MA in Interfaith Studies

3. MA in Philosophy.

Global Interfaith University offers Professional Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees within an interfaith context, in relation to teachings directly associated with modules within the coursework of our University. The goal of our educational programs is to bridge cultural and religious divides across the world, by cultivating the human heart, mind and spirit and preparing them for leadership, service, professional life and ministry in the world.