GIU Governing Council 

Global Interfaith University takes great pride in the qualifications, diversity and wealth of experience of its Governing Council and Faculty. The Governing Council exercises general oversight over the University and its affairs, bringing in a wide range of expertise and knowledge, independence and objectivity. Global Interfaith University has Fifteen Governing Council members. The Governing Council meets four times each year.

       PROF. DR. RANIA LAMPOU, FCILED,            STEM Educator, Greek Astronomy & Space Compnay, Executive Director in Education, FORUM+36 Peace &Unity,  Mentor &  Advisor

HIS GRACE SALIKA DASA ADHIKARI, FCILED, Member of Council, Global Interfaith University, , Temple President, International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Nigeria

          SUSHMITA USHA DEVARAJAN          Conflict transformation practitioner, ICC Certified Transformation Coach, ADR Chambers Certified Mediator, Virtual Exchange and Design Expert

                 MD. ABU TAHER,                                  Assistant Professor of World Religions and Culture, MA and M.Phil, World Religions and Culture,  PGD Youth Development & Work, B.A. Hons. History Dhaka University, Bangledash

                MS. GRESHMA P. RAJU,                               Member of Council, Global Interfaith University, M.A International Peace Studies, UN Mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica

                               ANNE V. ROTH,                            MA Divinity New Brunswick Theological Seminary , BA Rutgers University, Ordained Minister, Author,  Interfaith Peacebuilder

                 SYED AMJAD ALI SHAH, M.A,                      Country Director, Minhaj Welfare Foundation, , Experienced Educator, Social activist and intra- and interfaith leader

                               PATRICK HORN,                                          Manager, Network for Religion, Media and Civic Life, Fellow, Institute for Digital Culture at University of Southern California, Co-Producer, "Sacred Activism".

DR. EMMANUEL ANDE IVORGBA, FCILED,   PhD, Comparative Religions, CSML Harvard Graduate School of Education, MBA General Management, Member of Council

        DR. PETAR GRIGOROV GRAMATIKOV           PhD. Theology (General Church History), Chief Expert on Religious Questions, Directorate of Social Policy, Municipality of Plovdiv, Bulgaria