Global Interfaith University is a leading academic institution in educating students about diversity that will enable them to better understand our differences, to unite and respect each other. We ensure that our students develop the skills and intellectual competencies that are essential for success and leadership in the future. Our Core Values include Honesty, Diversity, Innovation, Compassion, Reliability, Optimism, Respect, Perseverance and Commitment

GIU Recognition and Accreditation

Global Interfaith University is an incorporated entity, registered with the State Government of Delaware (DE), United States of America (USA), and issued with US Delaware Incorporation File Number: 6338231.  To confirm Global Interfaith University, Inc. proof of Incorporation in the State of Delaware, kindly visit the link below and search for Global Interfaith University.  Global Interfaith University (GIU) has Full Accreditation by the AMERICAN COUNCIL OF TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT.

Global Interfaith University (GIU) is a private, independent, and innovative higher education establishment registered in The United States of America (USA). Global Interfaith University (GIU) has met the ACTD accreditation requirements in accordance with internationally recognized standards and general requirements for higher education and learning with the ACTD standards of accreditation. As a consequence, it has become a part of the ACTD global network of accredited institutions. Find details of our Accreditation at ACTD Website