PhD in Organizational Leadership

Global Interfaith University Ph.D in Organizational Leadership Overview

Organizational leadership is an important management approach in which leaders, apart from setting strategic goals for their organizations, also commit to motivating individuals within their organizations to successfully carry out assignments in service to those goals. Organizational leadership communicates the mission and vision, establishes the strategic plan, and inspires individuals to put forth their talents to fulfill the goals aligned with the strategic plan and, ultimately, the leader's vision. At Global Interfaith University (GIU), the goal of the Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership is to support our students develop the understanding and critical skills they need to conduct pioneering, rigorous, and interdisciplinary research that advances the practice of leadership in diverse organizational contexts.

Learning and teaching

The Course is taught by expert academics and professors, including industry professionals and postgraduate researchers with years of experience. The modules are taught through a combination of Online, Distance Learning lectures and seminars, where students also have the opportunity to discuss any issues with their tutors and fellow students. Each student is assigned an Academic Advisor/Supervisor from the beginning of the Course, and especially while they work on their Dissertations. Global Interfaith University also encourages independent study, which helps students to develop their skills and pursue their interests even more intimately.

Duration of the Program

Our Ph.D in Organizational Leadership is completed within three (3) years, with an extension where a student is unable to complete the modules within the stipulated period. The University does not charge any extra or additional fees for the extension. Each Semester lasts for three (3) months. Therefore, our Ph.D in Organizational lasts for a period of twelve (12) Semesters.

How to Apply

Interested candidates must complete and submit the official Global Interfaith University Student Application Form, along with photocopies of relevant degrees and a processing fee of $50.