fr-International Leadership Conference, Ghana 2022


Global Interfaith University (GIU) has partnered with Chartered Institute of Leadership, Education and Development (CILED), to hold the 2nd Annual CILED International Leadership Conference and Membership Induction Ceremony from January 28-29, 2022, in Accra, Ghana. The theme of the Leadership Conference is: "Leadership in times of Crisis and Uncertainties".

The two-day Leadership Conference provides an amazing opportunity for leaders, educators, and development practitioners to network and meet like-minded colleagues. It is a great platform for the exchange of ideas, views, and information, allowing participants to engage, discuss and proffer solutions, which when accepted in good faith and translated into positive actions, would become indices for authentic sustainable growth and development. The Conference will raise the level, depth, and breadth of public dialogue and awareness on core issues, by examining dimensions and dynamics of leadership on the individual, community, and national levels.